The API product management newsletter #011 – 26 September 2023

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This week: Let’s talk developer experience (DX). From thoughts on how best to represent your APIs for a great DX, to whether the whole concept is overrated, we’ve rounded up some of the latest views that piqued our interest. If developer experience is currently in your headlights, read on…

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‘DX of course matters, but there may be a bit too much focus in current discussions’ – Erik Wilde

DX versus UX versus VX. Where should you be focusing? This thought-provoking video from Erik Wilde raises an interesting question: is API DX overrated? Developer experience is, of course, important, as Erik makes clear. But what about the role of user experience and value experience in creating APIs that allow developers to build applications easily and, ultimately, enable users to get their jobs done? Which of these should you put more of your energy into? There’s plenty of food for thought here if DX is on your mind right now.

Consider what role you want to play in the emerging API economy – Daniel Kocot

The way you make your APIs available to others can have a major impact on adoption levels. Portals, marketplaces, hubs, platforms… where do you start? It’s a topic that Daniel Kocot explores in this recent article, looking at how the representation of your API definition needs to evolve with your business and shifting requirements. This is a great starting point if you’re working out how best to get developer eyeballs on your APIs.

Exploring the nuances of developer portals – Nauman Ali

Our thanks to Nauman Ali for kicking off this interesting discussion on LinkedIn. Nauman has got us thinking about the primary differences between internal and external developer portals and the distinct needs and experiences of those using them. Some interesting points here around collaboration, commenting and driving productivity as part of the overall developer experience. Why not add your own thoughts to the discussion?


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