The API product management newsletter #004 – 6 June 2023

Welcome to this edition of the API product management newsletter, dedicated to helping product teams drive more business value from their APIs and API products.

This week we’re thinking ‘bigger picture’ about API product management across the organisation – from API and integration-focused teams, over to platform engineering and back to product management. What are the learnings that can apply across all? What are the tips we can take from some teams and back into others to build a better API strategy? Let’s find out in this edition.

But first, a reminder! We only include:

  • The top 3 most useful resources we’ve come across the two weeks prior. Any more than that, and we find our browser tabs become unmanageable
  • What we find personally useful – and digestible – as product and product marketing managers
  • Educational content (whether an article, whitepaper or event). No product pitches – that includes yours truly.

💡The good stuff: This week’s API product management links:


Dinushi Pieries on becoming a Platform Product Manager – Mind the Product

How does platform product management differ to other types of product management out there? And how do you even begin to approach it if you’ve no technical training or development background? For those of you looking to make a career transition into platform and API product management this is a great insight to what’s needed, and what to expect from Dinushi Pieries, VP Product Management at JP Morgan.

‘Is there a gap between API management and Platform Engineering that could use some attention?’ – Erik Wilde [LinkedIn post]

This recent post from Erik Wilde felt extremely timely, as it’s been something we’ve been noticing ourselves at Tyk, and one of the reasons we started this newsletter. Erik writes about how the platform engineering team should embrace the API-first mindset as a critical step in achieving platform management success, using recent research from Puppet as a starting point. Needless to say, we agree!

‘The Ultimate Guide to Product-Led Sales with Elena Verna’ – Lenny’s podcast [podcast]

This is not an API-focused choice, but there are *so* many applicable learnings and helpful tips in this thought-provoking podcast from growth expert Elena Verna I wanted to include it anyway. In this detailed interview Elena gets into the nitty gritty about how to use product-focused revenue metrics and telemetry to drive scale-up growth, amongst other topics that you can apply to your API or API-first approach. I took so many notes, I could have written the whole newsletter about this episode.


♟️ Looking to make a move? Current API product management vacancies:


Product Manager – Platform Solutions – Farfetch (Lisbon)

Product Manager, APIs and Tooling – EnergyHub (NY, VT or Remote)

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