The API platform engineering newsletter #006 – The one about API observability

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This edition is dedicated to one of the most important components of a successful API platform – observability. Observability enables platform teams to have an end-to-end view of their integrated platform stack to monitor and troubleshoot issues quickly. Additionally, better API observability practices can:

  • Help businesses meet their SLAs effectively
  • Tackle the true cause of your API issues, not just the symptoms
  • Eliminate the ‘blame game’ between teams and vendors
  • Unlock more value from your API products.

We will also dive deeper into these aspects of observability, relevant for both decision-makers and implementers, on Feb 29 at Leap – the API observability conference.


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💡 Highlights: Observability for API platform teams

OpenTelemetry and Observability: Looking Forward

“OpenTelemetry has momentum, backed by standards and widespread adoption, powering its growth.”

Ken Hamric

Tracetest founder Ken Hamric shares his vision for the future of observability in this forward-looking thought piece. He looks at how the established stability of OpenTelemetry tracing, metrics, and logging is providing a platform for new use cases and capabilities, with organisations looking beyond typical telemetry data analysis. As products such as API gateways embrace native OpenTelemetry integration, there’s plenty to be excited about on the not-too-distant observability horizon.


How to observe your CI/CD pipelines with OpenTelemetry 

“A system is observable when it emits enough information to answer the question – Why is this happening?”

Adriana Villela & Reese Lee

If you’re ready to improve your troubleshooting, development agility and efficiency, let Adriana Villela from ServiceNow Cloud Observability and New Relic’s Reese Lee show you how. The duo shines a spotlight on CI/CD pipelines in this super helpful article, discussing why observing pipelines is so important and how you can make them observable. Get ready for some valuable insights.


Next-Gen Observability: Monitoring and Analytics in Platform Engineering

“Next-gen observability equips platform engineers with tools to see beyond the surface.”

Robert Kimani

Advances in observability are reshaping the way we manage platforms. From real-time insights and proactive detection of anomalies, next-generation observability is powering informed decision-making and rapidly emerging as a crucial enable for platform engineering excellence. In this insightful feature, systems engineer and open-source advocate Robert Kimani shows why platform engineering teams cannot afford to ignore the vast potential of next-gen observability.


🚨 Upcoming events: A chance to learn and connect


Leap 2024 – the API observability conference

Date: February 29, 2024

Time: 9 AM – 4 PM EST


Observability Day – KubeCon Europe 2024

Date: March 19, 2024

Location: Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, Paris


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Question: What are the key components of the DORA metrics?

  1. Deployment frequency, change failure rate, and mean time to recover
  2. Server response time, error rate, and throughput
  3. User satisfaction score, retention rate, and churn rate

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