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💡 Highlights: Insightful links for API platform teams


6 Patterns for Platform Engineering Success

“A platform is hardly a novel concept. It’s just that, these days, it’s built through collaboration, while previously it was more command and control.”

Jennifer Riggins

Tech journalist and storyteller

As platform engineering begins to mature as a discipline, Jennifer Riggins has helpfully rounded up the best practices, patterns, anti-patterns, and more discussed at PlatformCon 2023. She has presented the highlights from the “Modern blueprints for platform engineering” panel to help teams around the globe mould platforms that developers want to use. There’s plenty of food for thought here if you’re aiming to build a platform that developers love.


How platform teams get stuff done

“The success of an internal platform is defined by how many teams adopt it.”

Pete Hodgson

Chief Technology Officer, PartnerSlate

Even the world’s greatest internal platform can fail if teams don’t adopt it. That’s why software delivery consultant Pete Hodgson is taking a look at how platform teams get stuff done. From interaction modes to the practicalities of getting code changes into teams’ codebases, this article provides plenty of handy tips and insights both for platform delivery teams and for those adopting their platforms.


How to measure and improve developer productivity [podcast]

“How do you measure satisfaction? Just ask. Don’t discount what people say. Data from systems and data from people are both really important!”

Nicole Forsgren

Partner, Microsoft Research

If your focus right now is on developer productivity, then this new podcast with DevOps and developer productivity expert Dr. Nicole Forsgren is this week’s must-listen feature. She talks us through everything from which mistakes to avoid when measuring developer productivity, using DORA & SPACE frameworks for measuring developer productivity to why company size doesn’t matter when it comes to benchmarking and improving DevOps.


🗓️ Upcoming events: A chance to learn and connect


Database guardrails – New era for developers and databases

Date: September 14, 2023

Time: 1 PM ET/ 7 PM CEST

Location: Online

Speaker: Adam Furmanek, DevRel at Metis

DevOps & Platform Engineering MeetUp – Dublin

Date: September 27, 2023

Time: 6 PM IST/BST

Location: The Academy, 42 Pearse Street, Dublin, Ireland

Speaker: William Oldwin, Laura Varga & Callum Scott


🍺 Quiz corner: Test your API Platforms knowledge


Question: When a cloud-native application is said to be “stateless,” what does this mean?

  1. It does not store data between requests.
  2. It does not require internet connectivity.
  3. It does not rely on cloud services.

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Last edition’s answer:

What’s the “Chaos Monkey” concept in cloud-native platform engineering?

2. A tool that randomly shuts down servers to test system resilience


🎓 Expert’s Corner

An AMA with Sonja Chevre

Have any burning questions regarding Platform Engineering and/or APIs?

Send them our way and have them answered by Sonja Chevre, Group Product Manager specialising in Platforms and Observability at Tyk.

Ask Sonja here!


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