The API platform engineering newsletter #003

Welcome to the latest edition of the API Platform Engineering newsletter. We are super excited about this one because we have our first community article contribution! This is an important milestone in our journey towards growing and helping this community. Thank you Eduardo Munari for getting the ball rolling.

Here’s the rundown:

  • What is it: The top 3 most useful resources we’ve come across in the last two weeks, upcoming events, an exciting quiz corner, and an insightful expert’s corner
  • Who is this for: API Platform teams including Platform engineers, DevOps engineers, SREs, API platform managers, engineering managers
  • When to expect it: Twice a month, 6 times a quarter, 24 times a year (that’s right we did the math!)


💡 Highlights: Insightful links for API platform teams


Crossplane: A brief introduction

“Aircrafts are the data plane and the control tower […] is the control plane”

Eduardo Munari

Platform Engineering Master, CI&T

This is our first community contribution! In this article, Eduardo Munari takes us through the value of a control plane/data plane architecture in terms of observation and management gains. He further examines the business value of Istio and Crossplane in the context of platform engineering.


Automation in DevOps: Advancements, Platforms and Examples

“Automation is not a luxury but a necessity”

Dr. Liam Terblanche

Chief Technology Officer, Airvantage

If you’re looking to embrace the potential of automation, this article by Dr. Liam Terblanche is the place to start. Packed with tool recommendations and real-world automation examples, it provides plenty of food for thought for anyone seeking to enhance productivity, reduce time-to-market, improve quality and cut down the risk of human error.


Sifting through the Noise of Platform Engineering [podcast]

“Platform engineering is removing the cognitive load from developers”

Saim Safder

Co-founder, Cloud Native Islamabad

Platform engineering can significantly improve system reliability, product efficiency, workflow standards and development time while removing the cognitive load from developers. In this episode of the PurePerformance podcast, Saim Safder talks us through how platform engineering can reduce the burden of spinning up infrastructure, environments, policy enforcement, GitOps tooling, service meshes and more.


🗓️ Upcoming events: A chance to learn and connect


CloudX 2023 (DeveloperWeek)

Date: August 15-16, 2023

Location: San Mateo, CA

Virtual date: August 22-23, 2023

Location: Online

Unleashing the power of GitHub actions for platform engineering

Date: August 22, 2023

Time: 3 PM EDT

Location: Online

Speaker: Mick McGrath, Director of DevOps at Bitovi


🍺 Quiz corner: Test your API Platforms knowledge


Question: What’s the “Chaos Monkey” concept in cloud-native platform engineering?

  1. A monkey that causes havoc in data centers
  2. A tool that randomly shuts down servers to test system resilience
  3. A popular app for cloud-based virtual pets

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Last edition’s answer:

What is the role of a reverse proxy in platform engineering?

3. Caching and load-balancing incoming requests


🎓 Expert’s Corner

An AMA with Sonja Chevre

Have any burning questions regarding Platform Engineering and/or APIs?

Send them our way and have them answered by Sonja Chevre, Group Product Manager specialising in Platforms and Observability at Tyk.

Ask Sonja here!


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