The API platform engineering newsletter #002

Welcome to the second edition of the API platform engineering newsletter – bursting with news, events, and insights to help platform teams drive more business value from their API platforms! 

Here’s the rundown:

  • What is it: The top 3 most useful resources we’ve come across in the last two weeks, upcoming events, an exciting quiz corner, and an insightful expert’s corner
  • Who is this for: API Platform teams including Platform engineers, DevOps engineers, SREs, API platform managers, engineering managers
  • When to expect it: Twice a month, 6 times a quarter, 24 times a year (that’s right we did the math!)


💡 Highlights: Insightful links for API platform teams


7 core elements of an Internal Developer Platform

“A developer should be able to accomplish what they need by defining a simple manifest or using a web UI.”

Viktor Farcic

Developer Advocate, Upbound

This week we start by discussing a core element for API platform teams (and the answer to last edition’s quiz question) – Internal Developer Platforms (IDP). In this article, Viktor Farcic provides a dive into the technology stack and reference architecture you need to build an IDP that will let developers work autonomously.


5 ways your API C4E can engage and enable teams

“The role of an API C4E isn’t just about enforcing the rules set forth in various API governance documents.”

James Higginbotham

Executive API Consultant, LaunchAny

This insightful article on Centres for Enablement (C4Es) shows how the role of a C4E is to meet teams where they are today and help them deliver high-quality API designs that meet end users’ needs. Executive API Consultant James Higginbotham shares his knowledge, looking at five important engagement models that an API C4E can use. Essential reading if you’re seeking to empower your teams to deliver high-quality, reusable APIs.


So you want to hire for developer tooling

“What you’re looking for… is someone who can take “developer experience” and push that forward holistically by whatever way is necessary”

Hazel Weakly

Director, Haskell Foundation

Are you looking for a developer to work on internal developer tooling and developer experience? If so, you could be facing a tough challenge when it comes to hiring the ideal person. This in-depth opinion piece from team, infrastructure, system, automation, and tooling builder Hazel Weakly explains why you might be about to fail, even before you start hiring. Hazel’s experience provides a raft of insights into why this position is so difficult to fill and why you’ll end up hiring a Sociotechnical Engineer who will expose weaknesses in your company in ways you’re not expecting!


🗓️ Upcoming events: A chance to learn and connect


Platform Summit 2023

Date: October 16-18, 2023

Time: 12 PM CEST

Location: Clarion Skanstull, Stockholm


Cracking the code: Single pane of glass in observability

Date: August 1, 2023

Time: 3 PM EDT

Location: Online

Speaker: Sean Alvarez, Principal Consultant at Thoughtworks


🍺 Quiz corner: Test your API Platforms knowledge


Question: What is the role of a reverse proxy in platform engineering?

  1. Encrypting sensitive data for secure communication
  2. Providing a direct link between users and the application servers
  3. Caching and load-balancing incoming requests

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Last edition’s answer:

In the world of platform engineering, what does IDP stand for?

c. Internal Developer Platform



🎓 Expert’s Corner

An AMA with Sonja Chevre

Have any burning questions regarding Platform Engineering and/or APIs?

Send them our way and have them answered by Sonja Chevre, Group Product Manager specialising in Platforms and Observability at Tyk.

Ask Sonja here!


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