Support the right way: please steal this blueprint

Since the early days of Tyk we’ve been well-known for our customer focus and service and we’ll keep at it – it’s in our nature to deliver support at this level. But it’s not just a matter of putting corporate buzzwords up on the wall – it’s about practical steps that we can all take seriously. 

Here’s how we do it. We created some quality guidelines for anyone dealing with support requests, which create consistent experiences. It might seem strange to put this out there for the world to see, but nothing would make us happier than to see other companies do what we do, and make users’ lives easier. Go ahead and steal the Tyk model of customer support and make the world a better place!

  • Acknowledge Quickly – a quick first response shows we care. 
  • Update Regularly – some things take time to look in to, keep them in the loop. 
  • Know your Clients – always ask the user their goals, they might think they want a feature, but we have capability already within the product. 
  • Be Human – no need for corporate speak, be yourself. 
  • Be Creative – be solution oriented, think outside the box. 
  • Be Proactive – don’t wait for a client to ask for something we can offer. 
  • Be Collaborative – work with clients, their goals are our goals. 
  • Close the loop, always – if something is broken, fix it. User feedback is gold dust, act on it.

By following these simple principles, we deliver consistently awesome customer support. These few guidelines have a huge impact, and they’re easy for any team to implement.

Alongside these guidelines, Tyk has one major cultural value: Radical Responsibility. But what does this mean? 

It means every member of our team is empowered to do what they need to do for the sake of our customers. It means we don’t leave something broken, even if it’s not our area. We are all responsible for Tyk’s success. Tyk gives us a lot in return: we enjoy flexible hours, fully remote working and unlimited annual leave so we can take whatever time we need to recharge and fit our work-life around our personal lives. 

This cultural value has a massive impact on our customer experience. We don’t leave problems floating in the air like a bad smell, we meet them head on – even if it’s not always a great outcome for the customer. Radical Responsibility alongside a sprinkling of honesty is how we keep delivering amazing results, even when we’re telling clients things they don’t want to hear. 

The tone for all this is set by the leadership in the company, who trust us, believe in us and empower us to do great work.

Prove it!

Here’s some random client feedback:

  • Quick support as always 😉 
  • That’s great news! Thanks to the entire team for incorporating this super urgent request for us. We really really appreciate this, as it will make a lot of our customers extremely happy! 
  • Thanks for the awesome support, keep it like this
  • Excellent Customer Service. Top Notch Engineers. I have seen the CEO responding to support tickets, which is impressive.
  • It’s worth mentioning on several occasions we were put in direct contact with some of Tyk’s developers, who were able to resolve some of our blocking issues in a matter of days, providing us with early access patches.
  • Flexibility, Tyk’s people are proactive, listen to our needs and adapt to fill them. They made changes quickly in their master branch code with a snap of their fingers.

This is a tiny amount of the very regular feedback that we get – I could list metrics here as well as we hit them consistently, but the feedback is more powerful, don’t you think?

We’re extremely proud of the level of support and experience we deliver. These quotes stand as testament to that and if you’re a client of Tyk’s – use them to hold us to account.

Sounds interesting…

Hate feeling ignored, frustrated, and panicked about support? Never going to happen when you’re supported by Tyk. 

We will respond quickly, the person you’re speaking to will know what they’re talking about and we will fix your problem. We will never leave you in the dark. Our clients aren’t a number on a page, they’re the reason we exist.