A shiny new look, improved (Open Source) docs, and touch down in Singapore

Tyk new website design

Picture the scene.

It’s late at night. You’re surrounded by takeout boxes and coffee cups. You’re not sure when it got dark and you really need the bathroom, but just… 10.. minutes… more… perfecting your distributed blockchain deep-learning-powered todo list app (that also controls the weather).

Sound familiar? We get it: we’ve been there too. We’re often still there in fact, constantly working a little bit earlier, a little bit later, a little bit more ingeniously, to make Tyk the best it can be. 

And then about a month ago we looked up, powered off, turned the lights on and realised that we could probably do with a little sprucing up ourselves.

Our engineers and designers duly applied their high standards, insane attention to detail and a borderline addiction to comic books, to creating a shinier, whizzier look for Tyk, and the places she lives, such as this very site.

We frakking love it, and hope you do too.


But beauty isn’t only skin deep

We’re not the funny-looking kid from school who grew into their looks, got scouted by a modelling agency, and upped sticks to live in the big city. We haven’t changed.*

We’re still the same Tyk: obsessed with solid engineering, an overjoyed community, and high availability. So, as well as a brand-new look, we’re also announcing the launch of our fully updated, improved, and now open-source documentation on Git Hub.

Tyk's new Open Source documentation

That’s right, not only have we worked on creating better ‘how-to’ content with a powerful new search function, you’ll now also have control over our documentation down to the last letter.

Have a play. And please, go crazy. Seriously (we have).

Reading this from the future?

Oh, sorry – that’s what we used to call the timezone eastwards of GMT. OK – (bad) jokes aside, perhaps you’ve made that cup of tea in Sydney or Singapore just as we’re going to bed in London. Hmm. Helpful….


Tyk new website design



Fear not. We’re now closer to more of you (and not in a creepy way) with a dedicated Asia Pacific team at your service. Contact us with your technical questions, feedback, or just to say hi as we settle into our new office. 

Our London office will, of course, still be on hand if you want to make like Michael J. Fox and offer any sage advice.

*Are you on Tyk Gateway v2.3.6 and Tyk Dashboard v1.3.6? If you’re not then, actually, we have changed. But for the better! All Tyk licence holders are entitled to the latest versions, so read this and make sure you’re all updated.  

[Not on Tyk, want to get your API up-and-running but don’t know where to begin? Put aside 15 minutes, stick the kettle on, download a free licence and follow our five-step process (it’s more fun than it sounds). You’ll have an API running on Tyk Cloud before your coffee even has chance to get cold.]