Drumroll, fanfare, round of applause… Resurface Labs has won a Tyk Community Award!

Resurface Tyk banner

Open source. Community. Collaborative expertise. These things are at the heart of Tyk and have been since the outset. That’s why the Tyk Community Awards are so important to us. They’re our chance to celebrate some of the best creators, innovators and collaborators within the open source space.

It was our community that supported Tyk to grow and evolve in the first place (alongside our CEO Martin’s utter determination to build a super-cool API gateway). Since then, the community has encouraged us to continually push boundaries, while also holding us to account. They ensure we always deliver quality solutions that have practical, real-world applications and that innovation is always in our sights.

What’s particularly awesome is how much of their time and expertise people have dedicated to Tyk over the years, from contributing to our code to extending the product to inspiring us to move in new and exciting directions.

So, yes, the Tyk Community Awards are pretty special to us. They are our chance to recognise great contributions of the past year and to say ‘thank you’ to some of our awesome community members.

The awards are now in their fourth year. If you haven’t checked out previous years’ winners then firstly, it’s time to hang your head in shame for a little while. After that, why not start with our 2020 winners to get a feel for what it takes to bag a Tyk Community Award?

Ready for the exciting part?

With all this in mind, we are delighted to announce the first of our 2021 Community Award winners. Congratulations to… this is the fanfare bit… Resurface Labs! Our thanks in particular go to Ramón Márquez and Kolin Newby for their outstanding dedication to the Tyk community over the past year.

Regulars at our API hangouts and supporters of all things Tyk, the Resurface Labs team has created a nifty extension to the Tyk Pump. It allows users to extend their observability and helps them instantly find API failures, slowdowns and attacks. And who wouldn’t find that valuable? Take a look.

Flexible and customisable, allowing users to redefine and create views, searching on any data element, Resurface can help organisations to stop losing revenue and improve performance in just a few clicks.

Time to stop guessing

Why guess how your APIs are used and attacked? You’ve poured so much into building them beautifully in the first place, don’t they deserve the utmost care and attention once they’re in use?

That’s where Resurface comes in. The tool provides ultimate accessibility for every header, field and payload, for every API you want to capture – all request and response details, for every API call.

Yes, Tyk’s out-of-the-box solution provides a vast amount of monitoring already but Resurface Labs has added some highly specialised options for ultimate auditing.

It gets better…

So far, so cool. But the Resurface Labs team didn’t stop there. They’ve put a lot of thought into usability as well as security. That’s why Resurface isn’t just a SaaS or cloud model – it’s an on-prem solution as well. Ideal for users where data sovereignty is a big deal or simply where greater control is required.

Community at the core

One of the other things we love about Resurface is that the Tyk pump extension they built is open source. It’s very much in tune with Tyk’s ethos and commitment to the community, with people able to get involved. And, of course, we love that it delivers a complementary solution to what the Tyk API Gateway offers, meaning even greater usability for community members.

Gazing into the crystal ball

We can’t get enough of the Resurface Labs team’s energy and their drive to keep creating. Next up, they’ve delivered API details for GraphQL batching – so you can see details even in batch mode.

We’re also planning a collaboration event with Resurface Labs that should be well worth attending – keep an eye on our social media pages for further details. For now, we would like to say a huge ‘Congratulations!’ from the Tyk team to all of those who had the vision and the expertise to get Resurface off the ground.

[Please include the Tyk custom mascot that’s being made here]

To find out more about Resurface Labs check out their overview and demo for a walkthrough to see how they work.

Finally, we just want to add a huge ‘Thank You!’ to the rest of our community. We value each and every contribution and are humbled by how many folks around the world invest their time and energy into making our product the best that it can be.