Ready for our close-up: the new face of Tyk

It’s time you got to know the API management platform that’s connecting the world. We’ve dialled up our brand to help.

We’re Tyk. We’re on a mission to unlock the potential of APIs and make it easy for every business to build, publish and monetise their ideas. And guess what? We’re nailing it.

We handle billions of crucial API calls daily, taking care of international payments, medical records, and security clearances. Heck, Tyk is busy navigating satellites through space. You haven’t noticed us doing these things because it’s part of our mission to make sure you don’t have to notice. We help you to do whatever you need to do, connect up whatever you want to connect up, without ever getting in your way. We’re the API management platform that lets you forget about API management. We take whatever you throw at us, and we deal with it.

If you’re a developer, you probably know this already – and we love that you do. If you’re the kind of person who has developers working for you, then a few giveaways will show you if they’ve been working with us – and it’s probably worth speaking to one of our engineers to see why.

You’ll notice when they’re able to create, innovate and scale at will, when they’re throwing themselves into projects with confidence, bringing exciting digital products to market really, really fast, and smiling more. You’ll notice the compliance and visibility woes that don’t exist, the API security fears that don’t keep you or your team up at night, and the technical debt that you don’t have that doesn’t get in the way of digitally transforming your business to do things better. 

We don’t tell you what we do. We just do it. It works better that way

We haven’t been knocking down your door, spamming your email inbox or filling up your LinkedIn feed to tell you about these things, because frankly, we know you’ve got better things to do with your time. We prove we do these things by doing these things. It’s the way we roll.

That’s why Gartner puts Tyk in its Magic Quadrant for full API lifecycle management and labels us a visionary, and it’s why we’ve got a rating of 4.7 stars out of 5 on G2. We could list out hundreds of client testimonials affirming what we’re like to work with, but to save time; we’ll just stick to the phrases we hear from our customers time and time again: “The performance of Tyk is really impressive”, “integration and customisation are excellent”, “everything just works”.

We’ve come a long way on our mission to connect the world. We’ve got thousands of users, big-name brands relying on our platform, and tons of positive reviews from the experts and analysts in the know. We’ve done all of this through word of mouth – through doing what we say we’ll do. It’s why we’re choosing now to relaunch our brand, and tell more people, outside developer teams, about what we do. We are the platform that’s transforming the digital landscape through APIs.

For our new brand, we’ve chosen bold purples, turquoise and other colours you can’t miss. We’ve also chosen a beautifully direct, clear font that goes with the no-nonsense way we like to do things. 

Why now? Well, it’s partly because API management has become more important than ever. APIs are no longer mere add-ons to tech stacks. They perform the most crucial tasks within any architecture and any stack. APIs facilitate the digital transformation of your business with ease. They enable you to adapt to varying needs and bring new ideas to market faster. They are the conduits for both your data streams and revenue streams.

It’s also because the more chatter out there about API management, the clearer it is that nobody else does it in quite the way we do. We’ve built a platform that’s seriously reliable, secure and easy to use. Tyk gives you complete control over your API system, whether you choose to deploy in the cloud, Kubernetes, or on-premises. It works out of the box, batteries all included, so you don’t get nasty surprises.

The future’s so bright

You’ll be seeing a bit more of Tyk as a brand because we’ve got a lot of exciting things to talk to you about. Our customers tell us that we’ve built the best developer experience in town, and we think they’re right. We’ve made life easier with API security, automation and monitoring all in one place. We’ve put robust support in place for every query language, and put a stop to spaghetti connections across your tech stack. We’re building the future of API management with our Universal Data Graph. Imagine GraphQL with superpowers, and you’ll get the idea.

We’re also making it easier than ever to get started trying these things. When you’re ready for Tyk, you don’t have to go through sales callbacks, discovery sessions and inevitable upselling. You get a free, full platform trial that means you can start doing your thing straight away: no locked features, no time limit and no strings attached. We know that the best way to tell you what we can do is to show you what we can do.

That’s enough about us for now. We won’t tell you any more about our new brand. We’ll just go ahead, put it in front of you, and you can tell us what you think. If it’s working for you, it’s working for us. It’s how we do things at Tyk.