New WordPress API Portal plugin

We love it when a community comes together!

You can now use a simple, open-source, WordPress plugin to put the functionality of the Tyk API developer portal into any WordPress site. This innovation has been made possible by Liip, active contributors to the Tyk open-source community. The plugin brings together WordPress and Tyk to enable users to build “best of breed” API Developer portals that combine the API portal functionality of Tyk, with the CMS capability of WordPress.

Liip are one of Switzerland’s leading developers of web applications. They have developed and open-sourced this great new WP plugin to extend the possibilities around using the Tyk Developer portal. Thanks guys! The plugin is ready to use. Just follow the links below. It’s already used in production by the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB-CFF-FFS) and we can’t wait to see what you are going to do with it next!


  • Automatic developer registration on Tyk when developers sign up in WP
  • Configuration of API policies available for token registration
  • Developers may request an access token for the available API policies
  • Automatic or manual approval of key requests
  • Storage of token (references) by name and API policy
  • Revoking of tokens by developer
  • Display usage statistics per key (see screenshot)
  • Request quota usage per key (see screenshot)

What this plugin does not offer:

  • Management of Tyk API Gateway (the Tyk Dashboard is best suited for that)
  • WP user registration (there are enough plugins that do that quite well!)

2 easy ways to get the plugin:

  1. The public repo can be found on GitHub here.
  2. The plugin is also published on (although it is slightly behind the status on GitHub).

What future innovations would you like to see in Tyk? Let us know at