Inside Tyk’s graduate programme 2023

At Tyk, we believe in hiring and delivering the best. Our commitment to the Tyk graduate programme 2023 offers opportunities, experiences, and structured training and is the perfect chance for ambitious individuals to gain SaaS industry experience with our global team of knowledgeable Tyklings.

Our 2023 programme is open to all, offering entry-level opportunities for individuals eager to embark on a rewarding career journey with or without a graduate degree.

The Tyk graduate programme 2023

Our programme will involve both technical and soft-skill training. Technical training involves learning the ins and outs of the company’s products, development processes, and industry-specific tools. Soft skills training focuses more on communication, teamwork, leadership, problem-solving, and adaptability.

These skills are crucial in the SaaS industry, where collaboration and customer-centricity are vital to success. Overall, we hope everyone gains a holistic skillset, making them well-rounded professionals capable of thriving in a dynamic and customer-driven environment.

Tyk graduates receive mentorship and guidance from experienced and knowledgeable professionals who offer insights, advice and encouragement to help them navigate challenges and grow personally and professionally.

So, if you’re a recent graduate or looking to embark on an exciting journey, consider the opportunities that Tyk’s graduate programme can offer. Unlock your potential and contribute to the ever-evolving world of SaaS technology!

Let’s hear what our 2022 graduates, Firas Abou-Shamalah – Junior Pre-sales Solutions Architect, and Monica Cedeno – Junior Project Manager, have to say about their experience.

Firas Abou-Shamalah – Junior Pre-sales Solutions Architect

Why did you apply for the graduate programme with Tyk?

Since I graduated from school, I’ve spent over two years working various technical jobs (full stack web developer and software engineer, to name a few), but there was a missing component to my work.

I’ve since learned about Solutions Architecting and doing customer-facing technical work, and Tyk’s graduate programme allowed me to dive into exactly that. On top of that, I was very interested in seeing what other positions were like (support engineering and customer success engineering – all people-related positions) to give me a clear idea of what I wanted to achieve.

It was a fantastic 3-in-1 opportunity, and of course, who has yet to hear of Tyk’s fully remote, unlimited PTO and wonderful group of folks to be surrounded with? That helped, too.

What are your favourite moments of Tyk’s graduate programme?

My golden-cherished moment was the opportunity to spend just over three months in each of the three business areas. I learned a ton about not just the product and how it’s approached by different lenses across the channels but also about myself and what I enjoyed most.

How has Tyk helped develop you and your career?

Tyk is a very elegant and sophisticated product – anybody can acquaint themselves with it if they put in the effort and dedicate time to understanding APIM and how it works in the broader picture.

The team is filled with highly knowledgeable people who cherish the remote culture and make it work perfectly by putting themselves in the spotlight to offer help at every corner you take. There are tons of resources and plenty of time to give to yourself in the onboarding period to familiarise yourself with what Tyk is and the paths to take to understand things that you might not get right away. I kept a running tally, and it’s taken me to immense levels in my technical skillset.

What is your favourite part about working for Tyk?

The culture, by far, is the most enjoyable and unique part of working for Tyk that separates it from any other company I have worked for. I mean it when I say that everyone here is like-minded. You are probably interested in working for Tyk because you share that mindset and personality, and all I can say is it is a blast performing and not feeling like you’re “going to work”.

Monica Cedeno – Junior Project Manager

Why did you apply for the graduate programme with Tyk?

Having previously earned a degree in Accounting, I took a couple of years to flex my Quickbook muscles and quickly realised it was not something I wanted to do long-term. I enrolled at a Software Engineering Bootcamp through Hackbright Academy and learned the basics of coding, hoping that I could fall in love with it somewhere along the way.

I was pretty naive to the career options I could have at a tech company post-graduating Hackbright, so I only saw one career option – web development. I applied to the graduate programme hoping to continue learning the ins and outs of coding, and to my surprise, I stumbled into project management.

In addition to learning about project management resources, managing accounts, and client experience, Tyk has given me the flexibility to work remotely from anywhere, meet some of the nicest and most intelligent people ever, and encourage me to take time off.

What are your favourite moments of Tyks graduate programme?

I appreciated spending the first few months understanding the product, its purpose, and how it benefits clients. My favourite part was working in different departments and figuring out my strengths. I don’t love coding, but I like managing the progress of client accounts and figuring out where we can improve.

How has Tyk helped develop you and your career?

Tyk has taken my career and set it on an entirely new trajectory, and I’ll always be grateful for it. It has opened doors I didn’t realise existed and introduced me to tools and resources that continuously encourage me to learn and optimise our process. I’ve had the opportunity to meet some of the nicest people working here, and everyone is so willing to help.

We all value the trust given to us by working remotely and want to see others succeed. During the graduate programme, I have been challenged and grew immensely.

What is your favourite part about working for Tyk?

The reason I applied for the programme is still my favourite part of working here – flexible schedule and completely remote. I wear many hats outside Tyk, and being here makes me feel like I can do everything. I also value the trust given to us with flexible schedules as remote employees and being held accountable for our work. If you want any of these things, you should work here.

Words of advice from our 2022 graduates 

Firas: I encourage new Tyk graduates to be aggressive in wanting to learn. The learning potential is boundless, and all it takes is for an eager person to come with the right mindset to exceed expectations and want to make the team succeed. What are your strengths? What are you good at? There’s an opportunity to do something at any turn you take.. just go and do it!

Monica: When I started the graduate programme, I told myself not to be afraid of a little hard work- expect to be uncomfortable and embrace it. I encourage you to keep a positive attitude as you learn new things. There is so much potential for growth at Tyk, and no one expects you to get it right the first time.

Our team are tenacious, work smart, and deliver fantastic results through collaboration with peers. If you’re considering a role with Tyk, we have a number of entry-level/graduate roles available here.