Great Scott…It’s a Tyk 2.9 update!

Back in October, we released Tyk 2.9. If you missed all those great updates, check out our 2.9 blog. Well, the next step is 2.10 right? Not quite. We pushed out some really cool features prior to 2.10, that we just couldn’t wait to tell you about. 

So, dust off your API Doc Martins, and let’s go back to the future to talk about all the cool features that you can start using today!

So, what couldn’t wait until 2.10?

We’ve released a package of functionality that simplifies the management of complex organisations, with important new flows in team management and subscription to APIs. 

So for those of you in complex verticals where many users are demanding easy-to-manage flows, and key security considerations such as separation of duties, you want to keep reading. 

Managing teams in a complex environment

The new API ownership feature is great for limiting access at the team level, for those who have multiple teams inside the organisation maintaining their own APIs. For each API, you can assign owners, whether that’s an individual or user group and only owners have access to these APIs, and objects created based on them like policies or analytics. 

For those with additional complexities, like multiple distinct departments, where each department has its own teams, the multi-tenant environment may be right for you. This approach can be useful if you need to manage multiple environments like production, staging, QA, and more, using a single dashboard.

For more on this, take a look at the new guide we created to show you how to manage Tyk Dashboard users at scale. 

Subscribe to multiple APIs with a single key request 

In the past, you needed to create a token to subscribe to an API. The relationship was one-to-one, so for every new API you wanted to subscribe to, you create a new token. We’ve simplified this process. 

Now, you can subscribe to multiple APIs via a single token and a new and improved workflow. You can also modify the token to update your access if you need to. 

Read more about this in our documentation. 

SSO Integration

As an added bonus, for those of you using Tyk SaaS, if you already have an identity management server inside your organisation, it is now possible to integrate it with the Tyk Dashboard. See the detailed SSO guide for greater detail.

Now make like a tree and get… Tyk 2.9 (the sequel)

On Tyk Cloud? You don’t have to do anything. The Gateway and Dashboard will be updated automatically.

Running Tyk Multicloud or running On-Premises? The release is available right away via packages and Docker. Head over to the Upgrade Guide and follow the instructions.

Not using Tyk yet? What are you waiting for? Get started on Tyk now.

For those who already upgraded to 2.9 to the latest version, 2.10 is just around the corner…we’ll see you in the future!

Peace out

Marty (Mc)Buhr