Enabling API-led product growth

Tyk’s All About APIs podcast is known for its deep dives into the world of APIs. Co-hosts Budha and Sedky and a range of leading API experts tackle the topics that are front of mind for API practitioners, product leaders and architects. 

If your business growth strategy encompasses APIs, then All About APIs is for you.  

Exploring product-led growth

This week, Matt Tanner, Head of Developer Relations at Moesif, joins Budha and Sedky to consider how API product-led growth is possible across various industries. 

Product-led growth is a very developer-friendly experience, as Matt explains: 

“You have product-led growth, and you have sales-led growth. If you go to a developer tool that says you need to contact sales to do a demo, that won’t enable product-led growth. Nothing’s more disappointing as a developer than logging in and wanting to try something out, then seeing you have to contact sales first.


“On the flip side, if you go to a website and you can log in, self-serve and start using the product, with little bumpers that push you in the right direction, that is a product-led growth strategy in action.”


Enabling API-led growth across industries 

For API-led growth, irrespective of the industry, there are three stages to supporting customers to discover and explore your products: onboarding, usage and retention. 

The right tools are essential for onboarding and integration, from your API gateway to your analytics platform. As Matt points out: 

“You need to have the right metrics and analytics in place to test things. Usually, a few minor tweaks will allow you to bring in some excellent metrics. For example, your conversion rate increases quite a bit just by making a button more visible to go to the next step in onboarding.


Next comes the actual usage. Core to this is ensuring that it’s clear to users what they need to do and why. Finally, you need to support customer retention to ensure they keep returning to use the product. 


Fuelling growth with better decisions 

Nothing kills a product faster than having something that’s not stable or doesn’t scale well.

With the right qualitative and quantitative metrics under the microscope, businesses can make proactive decisions that improve their products and increase their market share – including around how to deal with customer roadblocks. Listen to the podcast for the full details. 

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