Congratulations to Chris, our very own CX Leader of the Year 2020 finalist!

One of our core principles here at Tyk is radical responsibility. We trust our team. Really trust them. They are free to deliver their expertise in the way they know best – after all, we hired them because they are experts at what they do.

Experts like Chris Taylor, who has just been announced as a CX Leader of the Year 2020 finalist. Go Chris!

We originally brought Chris on to help us scale up our operations and make the customer experience better and more consistent. Given we had 2,000 open tickets at the time, he had quite a job on his hands.

Chris didn’t shy away from the enormous task in front of him – he made it bigger. Putting Tyk’s users at the heart of his vision, he engaged with colleagues across the business to develop a strategic plan for customer operations.

With input from the product, commercial and operations teams, Chris developed a strategy built around a team of highly skilled and user-focused customer support engineers. He also introduced a slick ticket management process and a superb suite of customer service reports.

Chris’s changes meant that Tyk’s users received a better, more organised support service. He freed up time for our product engineers, who could go back to focusing on making Tyk even bigger and better. He introduced quality and consistency across the support service. And he proactively involved colleagues in the changes through weekly customer satisfaction reports and engaging blog posts sharing everything from customer service principles to the latest progress with the strategy.

Chris earned himself the role of Tyk’s Head of Customer Operations with his work, and rightly so. He has delivered happier users, impressively high customer satisfaction rates and a whole-organisation approach to enhancing the customer experience.

Congratulations, Chris, on your nomination as a finalist for CX Leader of the Year 2020. It’s an accolade you thoroughly deserve.