Bringing API Management to Germany

For the last 20 years elpix AG, based in Essen and Brunswick in Germany, has been supporting both large and medium-sized companies with their digital transformation initiatives, in Germany and internationally. Its project, solution and technology consultants deliver tailor-made strategies and professional IT services to companies that are motivated to change to a more future-proof tech stack.

It has signed a strategic partnership with Tyk, which will enable it to provide professional services for API Management solutions to organisations launching new products, revamping their legacy security architecture and going through a digital transformation project. 

Across the world APIs are becoming important for modern businesses embarking on digital transformation projects.

“Our partnership with Tyk allows elpix AG to continue to expand our professional services, architecture and configuration options and recommend the best solution depending on each client’s particular requirements”, says Joerg Schwirz, Senior Partner at elpix AG.

Tyk is easily integrated into a microservices architecture, supporting Docker and Kubernetes containerisation, as well as an integration with the existing CI/CD process. Tyk’s new Universal Data Graph lets users combine multiple APIs into one universal interface and with the help of GraphQL, users are able to access multiple APIs with a single query. And there’s no need to build a GraphQL server. If users have existing REST APIs all they have to do is configure the UDG.