A sales process that doesn’t suck

Buying enterprise software can be a real pain.  

We recognise that, having bought software and gone through the demo rodeo multiple times ourselves here at Tyk. 

You sign up for a trial only to hear that you need to have a demo with a supplier first, which is generally an activity for them to decide if you’re a good fit. And this is BEFORE you even get your hands on the product, or understand its value. Who has the time or patience for that? 

Then you go through the extensive proof of concept periods that take forever and sit in meetings where you have to watch someone trawl through a 25-slide deck – boring and largely a waste of time; we think you’ll agree. 

When time is of the essence 

At Tyk, we recognise that your time is your most important asset, and you want to understand if our platform will work for you as soon as possible. With that in mind, we make our sales and proof of concept process smooth and pain-free. 

You can sign up for a five-week free trial of our SaaS platform here without speaking to anyone first. 

On top of that, you can also get a 14-day free trial for our self-managed product here; fill out the form, and we will send the licence to you via email. 

We make it super easy for you to get your hands on our product, so you can test it out, break it, and see if it’s going to work for you. A dedicated pre-sales solutions architect will support you with your questions while trialling the product.  

So, say you need to complete a deeper proof of concept; what’s the process?

Discovery (two weeks) 

One of our dedicated pre-sales architects will be in touch with you when you decide to speak to us directly and get into the details for a proof of concept. 

We’ll spend some time gathering your requirements and give you demos relevant to your use case and the features you want to use alongside general whiteboarding and architecture design activities. For self-managed deployment models, we’ll give you relevant overviews of different approaches and best practices in deploying Tyk.  

This process can be quicker than two weeks; it depends on your team’s availability for discussions and feedback. 

Full Evaluation (1-2 weeks) 

Once we’ve gathered your requirements and ensured we understand your business goals and objectives, we can move into a complete evaluation of the platform to ensure it will work for your needs. 

The timings here vary depending on what deployment model you’re using. The process is generally shorter for cloud users as there’s less infrastructure to deal with than self-managed. Also, team availability on your side will be critical to ensuring a quick and successful proof of concept. 

In general, we’ll support you in onboarding some APIs to Tyk and setting up relevant features and configurations. Our end goal is to ensure you have a successful proof of concept and that we meet all requirements specified in the discovery period. 

We’ll get your integrations configured and continue reviewing architecture to ensure the Tyk platform performs to your expectations and needs. 

For self-managed deployments, we’ll give guidance on setting up relevant dependencies and best practices relating to sizing, performance and security. 

Your dedicated pre-sales solutions architect will work with you from discovery to the end of your successful PoC. They will ensure we meet all technical and project requirements. 

Next steps

After completing a successful proof of concept and you move to the stage where you want to purchase a licence, the fun begins! We have less control throughout this stage as it is dependent primarily on your purchasing processes, but in general, we’ll:

  • Review licencing options with you and provide a quote
  • Discuss upgraded onboarding packages and SLA support
  • Work with your legal and compliance teams to get all the relevant information and paperwork completed

While this is ongoing, you’ll still have access to your dedicated pre-sales solutions architect to support you with any migration planning, consulting on best practices and training requirements.

We may also bring one of our customer solutions architects into the process, who is ultimately responsible for getting you live and in production with the Tyk platform – after an extended handover with our pre-sales solutions architect. You can read about our onboarding process here

How’s that for a quick and easy process? This should help you understand if Tyk is right for you early in our engagement. If you want to see for yourself, you can sign up for a free trial in three easy steps.