A guide to navigating opinions and hot topics in API management

Opinions matter in API management because they shape how we think about and approach the field. They inform the decisions we make and the strategies we implement, and they can significantly impact the success or failure of our API initiatives.

Opinions can also be a source of inspiration and innovation, sparking new ideas and ways of thinking that can help us stay ahead of the curve. By understanding and engaging with the opinions that shape the field, we can make better-informed decisions and build more effective API management strategies.

The opinionated guide to API management in 2023

Couple that with the hot topics of the new year, and we bring you our opinionated guide to API management that will provide you with the insights and best practices you need to stay ahead of the curve.

We have packed a plethora of opinions from an extraordinary roster of expert minds to dissect and pinpoint the areas to focus on. 

Here’s what you have to look forward to in the guide:

  • We explore the most current and controversial topics in API management, diving into the different perspectives and opinions that shape the industry
  • Viewpoints from five API super-brains (Martin Buhr, James Higginbotham, James Hirst, Claire Barrett and Nathaniel Okenwa)
  • Topics from microservices to graphQL, service mesh and diversity, equality and inclusion
  • A roundup of the tools and processes to set your organisation up for API management success 
  • Why we think it would be nice to have a very boring 2023!

Whether you are a seasoned API professional or just getting started, this book will provide the insights and guidance you need to navigate API management’s complex and ever-changing landscape.

So, while it may be January, we’re all back to work, the world is still wild out there, and now there’s an egg shortage to contend with?! – we have your API Management strategy covered with our exclusive insights for 2023 – who needs eggs when you have a veritable buffet of trends to kick the year off in the right way!? 

Our insights will offer you the tools and processes to achieve higher business and team performance. Download our opinionated guide to API Management in 2023 for your organisation to stand out and make a difference.