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Tyk API Management

What is API Management? API management helps ensure the creation and publishing of your APIs is consistent and secure. It monitors performance and activity through analytics and logging and let’s you manage all your transformations and policies in one central place.

Tyk API Management deployment options are comprised of the various open and closed source components.

Which one is right for your organisation depends on your requirements and preferences. Please contact us for help:

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Open Source Self-Managed Cloud
API Gateway Capabilities
  • Rate Limiting
  • Authentication
  • API Versioning
  • Granular Access Control
  • GraphQL
  • and much more
Version Control Integration
API Analytics Exporter
Tyk Manager -
Single Sign On (SSO) -
RBAC and API Teams -
Universal Data Graph -
Multi-Tenant -
Multi-Data Center -
Developer Portal -
Developer API Analytics -
Hybrid Deployments - -
Fully-Managed SaaS - -


Open Source (OSS)

The Tyk Gateway is the backbone of all our solutions. You can deploy it for free, forever.

Head on over to the OSS section for more information on it and the other open source components.

Self-managed (On-Prem)

Self-Managed allows you to host our full enterprise API management product on your own.

For short terms trials, self-serve 14-day temporary licenses for the Tyk Dashboard & Developer Portal are available:

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For longer duration trials, or to request trials of the other proprietary software please contact the Tyk Team and tell us about your plans:

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Cloud (Software as a Service / SaaS)

With Tyk Cloud all of the above closed-source components are available. Get your free account here.

There are many open and closed source Tyk components that make up the various solutions.