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As of Tyk v3.0.0, you can now publish GraphQL APIs, including Universal Data Graph APIs(UDG) to the Tyk Developer Portal.

When you do that, your API consumers can navigate through a GraphQL Playground, with an IDE complete with Intellisense.

Portal GraphQL Playground

Video Walkthrough

We have a YouTube walkthrough of how to publish a GraphQL API to your Developer Portal:

How To Set Up

Simply create a GraphQL or Universal Data Graph API, create a Policy which protects it, and then publish it to the Developer Portal Catalogue.

In the “Create a Catalogue” section, at the bottom, make sure you enable the “Display Playground”

Portal GraphQL Playground Setup

And then, when your API consumers are on the Developer Portal Catalogue and click on View Documentation, they will be taken to the GraphQL Playground.

Portal GraphQL Playground View Docs

Protected GraphQL Catalogue

If you have a protected API, your users won’t be able to inspect the GraphQL schema or make API calls until they add their API Key to the Headers section:

Portal GraphQL Playground Header Injection


You may have to enable the following CORS settings in the “Advanced Options” of the API Designer to allow your consumers to access the GraphQL Playground:

Portal GraphQL Playground CORS