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Tyk APIs

Tyks own APIs allow you to access to the following

Tyk Gateway API

This API is very small, and has no granular permissions system. It is used purely for internal automation and integration. It offers the following endpoints:

  • Managing session objects (key generation)
  • Managing and listing API Definitions (only when not using the Dashboard)
  • Hot reloads / reloading a cluster configuration
  • OAuth client creation (only when not using the Dashboard)

Tyk Dashboard API

The Tyk Dashboard API allows much more fine-grained, secure and multi-user access to your Tyk cluster, and should be used to manage a database-backed Tyk node. The Tyk Dashboard API works seamlessly with the Tyk Dashboard (the two come bundled together).

Tyk Dashboard Admin API

The Dashboard Admin API is a special bootstrapping API that can be used to set up and provision a Tyk Dashboard instance without the command line and is used by the bootstrap scripts that come with a Tyk On-Premises installation.

Tyk Portal API

The Tyk Portal API covers all available endpoints for your developer portal.