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Request Size Limits

Maximum Request Sizes

Tyk supports forcing request size limits at the API and individual endpoint level. Tyk will reject any request that exceeds the size you set.


Tyk Cloud Classic enforces a strict request size limit of 1MB an all inbound requests via our cloud architecture. This does not affect Multi-Cloud users.

Max Request Size with the Dashboard

To enforce a request size from your API Endpoint Designer:

  1. Click ADD ENDPOINT.

  2. Fill in the endpoint pattern with the details of the request (e.g. GET widgets/{wildcard}).

  3. Select Request Size Limit from the “Plugins” drop down.

    Plugins drop down

  4. Set the size limit in bytes.

    Size limit form

  5. Save the API.

Max Request Size with API Definition

To set up this middleware in your API Definition, simply add a new section to the extended_paths block of your API Definition configuration called size_limits:

"size_limits": [
    "path": "widget/{id}",
    "method": "PUT",
    "size_limit": 25

The size limit must be in in bytes.

Global size limiting for your API

To add an API size limit, simply add:

"global_size_limit": 500 

To the version element of your API Definition, the global size limit will be checked before the specific path-based one.