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Field Based Permissions

You may want to allow different consumers access to your GraphQL API without exposing all data to them. So for example this could be a schema for a GraphQL API:

type Query {
  accounts: [Account!]

type Account {
  owner: String!
  number: ID!
  balance: Float!

For one type of consumers it will be fine to query all data the schema exposes while for another type of consumer it should not be allowed to retrieve the balance for example.

Field access can be restricted by setting up field based permissions in a policy or directly on a key.

When a field is restricted and used in a GraphQL operation, the consumer will receive an error response (400 Bad Request):

    "errors": [
            "message": "field: balance is restricted on type: Account"

Setup field based permissions in Dashboard

  1. Optional: Configure a Policy from System Management > Policies > Add Policy.
  2. From System Management > Keys > Add Key select a policy or configure directly for the key.
  3. Select your GraphQL API (marked as GraphQL).
  4. Enable Field-Based Permissions for the selected API.
  5. By default all Types and Fields will be checked. By unchecking a Type or Field you will disallow to use it for any GraphQL operation associated with the key.