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Response Plugins

Since Tyk 3.0 we have incorporated response hooks, this type of hook allows you to modify the response object returned by the upstream. The flow is follows:

  • Tyk receives the request.
  • Tyk runs the full middleware chain, including any other plugins hooks like Pre, Post, Custom Authentication, etc.
  • Tyk sends the request to your upstream API.
  • The request is received by Tyk and the response hook is triggered.
  • Your plugin modifies the response and sends it back to Tyk.
  • Tyk takes the modified response and is received by the client.

This snippet illustrates the hook function signature:

def ResponseHook(request, response, session, metadata, spec):
    tyk.log("ResponseHook is called", "info")
    # In this hook we have access to the response object, to inspect it, uncomment the following line:
    # print(response)
    tyk.log("ResponseHook: upstream returned {0}".format(response.status_code), "info")
    # Attach a new response header:
    response.headers["injectedkey"] = "injectedvalue"
    return response

The API definition should have this:

    "custom_middleware": {
        "response": [
                "name": "ResponseHook",
                "path": "middleware/middleware.py"
        "driver": "python"

Go response plugins

Go response plugins are available from Tyk 3.2. See Using a Go Response Plugin

Supported Response Plugin Languages

See Supported Plugins for details on which languages the response plugin is supported in.