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Tyk Developer Portal

The Tyk Developer Portal is a small CMS-like system that enables you to expose a facade of your APIs and then allow third-party developers to register and use your APIs.

The developer portal enables you to:

  • Host pages written in Markdown to describe your API and product.
  • Use Bootstrap based templates to completely customise the look and feel.
  • Host your API documentation in Swagger/OpenAPI or API Blueprint for developers to use. In the case of Swagger/OpenAPI, you can either paste your Swagger content (JSON or YAML) into the code editor, or via a link to a public Swagger hosted URL, which can then be rendered by using Swagger UI.
  • Unlike other platforms, Tyk will not auto-publish your APIs to the Portal, instead they are presented as a facade, you choose what APIs and what Policies to expose to the Portal.
  • Fully control the flow of the developer sign-up and enrollment.


Support for API Blueprint is being deprecated. See Importing APIs for more details.

The developer Portal is available to Pro (On-Premises), Cloud Classic and Multi-Cloud users.

For examples of how clients have used our portal, visit: