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Add Payment Method


This page details how to add a payment method for your Tyk Cloud account, so that you can continue to enjoy the benefits of outstanding API management.

How to add a payment method to your account

You must have billing admin permissions to add a payment method.

  1. Log in to your account as a Billing Admin.
  2. If you have dashboard and billing permissions, click the Account & Billing menu item (otherwise you will automatically log into the Account and Billing).
  3. Click the Payment Method menu item.


For this release of Tyk Cloud, we are only supporting card payments

  1. Enter your card details and click Save.
  2. You’ll see confirmation that the payment method was added successfully.

Payment Method Maintenance

As a Billing Admin you can also edit or delete an existing payment method. If you delete a payment method and you do not add a new one, your plan will go into retirement at the end of your current billing cycle.