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The Tyk Dashboard, Pump and Gateway use StatsD monitoring. StatsD is a network daemon that listens for statistics, like counters and timers, sent over UDP or TCP and sends aggregates to one or more pluggable backend services. See StatsD For more information.

Additionally, starting from Tyk Gateway v2.5, we support NewRelic instrumentation, see NewRelic for more details.


Each Tyk component supports statsd_connection_string. Additionally you can set statsd_prefix to a custom prefix value. For example separate settings for production and staging. In order to enable instrumentation, you will need to set the environment variable: TYK_INSTRUMENTATION=1.

Pump Specific Settings

The Pump also requires setting the following environment variable: TYK_INSTRUMENTATION=1

StatsD Keys

There are plenty of StatsD keys available when you enable statsd, but these are the basics:


Tyk Gateway traffic itself: gauges.<prefix>.Load.rps (requests per second) Tyk Gateway API: counters.<prefix>.SystemAPICall.called.count (calls count) and timers.<prefix>.SystemAPICall.success (response time)


Dashboard: counters.<prefix>.SystemAPICall.SystemCallComplete.count (requests count), counters.<prefix>.DashSystemAPIError.* (api error reporting)


Pump: counters.<prefix>.record.count (number of records processed by pump)

NewRelic instrumentation

Supported only by the Tyk Gateway, starting from v2.5. Add the following config section to tyk.conf to make it work:

"newrelic": {
  "app_name": "<app-name>",
  "license_key": "<license_key>"