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Managing Edge Gateways


Edge Gateways do all the heavy lifting of actually managing your requests: traffic proxying, access control, data transformation, logging and more.


All user roles can edit, deploy, undeploy, restart, redeploy all deployments within a team. Only the Organisation Admin and the Team Admin can create or delete deployments.

Adding a new Edge Gateway

Watch our video on setting up a Control Plane and an Edge Gateway.


The number of Edge Gateways you can add is dependent on your plan

  1. From the Deployments screen click Add Deployment
  2. Enter a name for the new Gateway
  3. Select Edge Gateway from the Type drop-down list
  4. Select the Bundle Channel and Version
  5. (Optional) Enter a custom domain if required
  6. (Optional) Enable plugins if required

Edit Edge Gateways

You can edit the following Control Plane settings:

  • Change the Gateway name
  • Add a custom domain
  • Change the Bundle Channel and Bundle Version
  • Enable plugins


The use of custom domains is dependent on your plan

To edit an existing Edge Gateway:

  1. On the Deployments screen, expand the Control Plane and click on the Edge Gateway to access the Edge Gateway overview screen.
  2. Select Edit from the Deployed drop-down list

Edge drop-down