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Aggregate Pump

[Available in Pump version]

The Aggregate pump compresses analytics data down to the main, most popular segmentation analytics provided by the dashboard and massively improves analytics performance when browsing large data sets. It is recommended to retain the existing pump as well as this one so as to continue to have log-data and historical data available, as well as more complex querying segments (e.g. errors per API per path):

Configure the aggregate pump

The Aggregate Pump is configured the same way as the regular pump:

"mongo-pump-aggregate": {
        "name": "mongo-pump-aggregate",
        "meta": {
            "mongo_url": "mongodb://localhost:{port}/tyk_experimental",
            "use_mixed_collection": true

The parameters for this pump are:

  • mongo_url The connection string to your replica set
  • use_mixed_collection Will produce aggregate data in a mixed collection as well as individual ones per org.