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How to contribute to our docs

We appriciate any form of engagement and contribution to our documentation. You can do it in a few ways:

  • Report an error in our Github repo.
  • Suggest/request an improvement in our Github repo.
  • Update the code yourself:
    1. If you want to be even more involved, you are welcomed to submit PR directly in our docs repo.
    2. In order for you need to find the page that needs editing in the actual GH docs repo, the best way would be to copy a sentence from that HTML page on the docs website and look it up it using the Github search box, on the top left corner. (Since the structure of our docs is not the same as the structure in the rendered docs website, we can’t easily link you to this page).
  • Post a message in our community forum

Our docs are compiled using the Hugo static site generator.

The Readme has details of how to construct docs pages.