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Tyk Multi Data Center Bridge (MDCB, also known as Tyk Sink) acts as a broker between Tyk Gateway Instances that are isolated from one another and typically have their own Redis DB.

In order to manage physically separate Tyk Gateway clusters from a centralised location, Tyk MDCB needs to be used to provide a remote “back-end” for token and configuration queries.

How Tyk MDCB Works

Tyk MDCB creates a bridge between a configuration source (MongoDB and a centralised Redis DB) and multiple Tyk gateway instances, this bridge provides API Definitions, Policy definitions and Org (Tenant) rate limits, as well as acting as a data sink for all analytics data gathered by slaved Tyk gateways.

The communication between instances works through a compressed RPC TCP tunnel between the gateway and MDCB, it is incredibly fast an can handle 10’s of thousands transactions per second.