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Nodes and Licenses

Tyk Dashboard is a licensed product, and t is licensed to manage a set number of nodes. The “Active Nodes and Licenses” section of the dashboard will give you an overview of:

  • How many nodes are currently active (and which license ID they are using)
  • How many nodes are remaining for this managed cluster
  • When the license expires

What happens when my license expires?

Nothing – your tyk Nodes will continue running, and continue proxying tafic, however you will not be able to manage them via dashboard or be able to log into the dashboard. They will also no longer fetch updates on a hot reload.

to ensure that you experience no downtime because of a lapsed license, if a hot reload should occur, then even if they cannot load new API Definitions they will fall back to the old ones. However, new nodes will not bootstrap.

Can I update my license without restarting?

Yes, you can update your license in real-time and your nodes will automatically update and refresh with new License IDs, there is no downtime and the license does not need to be installed.

Can I extend my license?

Yes, we can extend your license, just get in touch with your support agent.