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Uptime Tests

Tyk can capture uptime analytics data and test your underlying services with custom crafted HTTP requests.

Use this section to enable the various options around up time testing.

Use Uptime Tests with Target URL

If this option is set, the hostname of the request will be tested against a downtime list, if the host is “down”, Tyk will try to use the next available host on the list – this should be used in conjunction with Round Robin load balancing

Use Service Discovery

This option and it’s related settings enable you to set uptime tests using a service discovery system such as etcd or consul instead of adding them to the API Definition.

The settings for this are very specific – please see the related section in the main Tyk Gateway Documentation for details on what these settings mean.

Check URL’s

This section lists out the URLs to test and enables you to add new test URLs.


The URL to target, must include a full hostname (http://domain.com:port/test)


The method to use with the request


Any body data to be sent to the endpoint


Headers to use in the request