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Uptime tests and service discovery

It is possible to have uptime tests dynamically defined on hot reload by a service discovery system such as etcd or consul

This can be especially useful if:

  • The circuit breaker pattern is used
  • Underlying service IPs change frequently and dynamically (microservices)

To set up service discovery, use a similar configuration to Tyk’s other Service Discovery integration:

"uptime_tests": {
    "check_list": [],
    "config": {
      "recheck_wait": 12,
      "service_discovery": {
        "use_discovery_service": true,
        "query_endpoint": "",
        "data_path": "node.value"

Uptime tests by service discovery will load initially from the endpoint, it will not re-poll the service until it detects an error, at which point it will schedule a reload of the endpoint data. If used in conjunction with upstream target service discovery it enables dynamic reconfiguring (and monitoring) of services.

The document that Tyk requires is a JSON string encoded version of the check_list parameter of the uptime_tests field, here is an example using the simplified form for etcd:

curl -L -XPUT -d value='[{"url": "http://domain.com:3000/"}]'

In this example we have only added one uptime test.