Tales from API-Topia:

28 ways brands are building world-leading API experiences

Companies in all industries all across the world report back from API-Topia on their API management successes.

As the market matures, APIs are proving incredibly versatile. They are supporting businesses to develop new products, including the APIs themselves, and driving impressive growth.

With API management tools layered on top to take care of governance, security, auditing and a range of other needs, APIs are fuelling major growth for businesses across a range of sectors.

Global adoption is growing massively, with research by MarketsandMarkets projecting that the API management market will be worth $5.1 billion in 2023. That’s a compound annual growth rate or 32.9%.

Meanwhile, research by Boston University Questrom Chair, Professor Marshall Van Alstyne, has shown that firms using APIs achieve 12.7% more growth in market capitalisation compared to firms that aren’t using them.

Now is the time to discover the real stories from those brands already finding their API-Topia.

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