Tyk On-premises – Pro Edition


A Tyk On-Premises Professional Edition License includes:

  • The Tyk API Management Dashboard
  • Easy management interface for up to 2 x Tyk Gateway nodes
  • Dedicated one-to-one fanatical support via the helpdesk
  • Valid for 12 Months


I need more than two nodes!

Great news – you can purchase one of our “Tyk Pro Unlimited” licences. That is a fixed price for unlimited horizontal scaling. Contact us to get an instant quote and purchase a license for any scale.


How do I add the license?

Ensure you are logged out of your dashboard, you should see a license reminder screen – simply cut and paste the license into the form field and the dashboard will unlock.

What will happen to my running Tyk Nodes?

Your Tyk nodes will continue to operate even if your license expires, they will only have problems updating their API Definitions when you update or change an API in the dashboard however they will fallback to their old configurations if a reload fails because of the expired license. When you update or add your license, the Tyk nodes will update when you force a hot-reload.

What if I cancel?

Your licence is a 12 month licence, whether paid annually or by monthly payments.

On cancellation, any remaining monthly payments (if paying monthly) will be immediately collected to settle the balance owed against the annual licence total.

For avoidance of doubt: no refunds will be made and should 12 payments not have been made, any remaining payments will be immediately collected.

Full details are available in our EULA