UDG Examples

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It is possible to import various UDG examples from the official Tyk examples repository.

We offer 3 ways of importing an example into Tyk:

Import via tyk-sync

Please follow the tyk-sync documentation to learn more about this approach.

Import via Tyk Dashboard API Import

Navigate to an example inside the examples repository and grab the relevant API definition from there. Then you can move in the Dashboard UI to APIs -> Import API and select Tyk API as source format.

Paste the API definition inside the text box and hit Import API.

You can find more detailed instructions in the Dashboard API Import documentation section.

Import via Tyk Dashboard UI

Navigate to Data Graphs section of the Tyk Dashboard menu. If you haven’t yet created any Universal Data Graphs you will see three options in the screen - one of them Try example data graph - will allow you to browse all examples compatible with your Dashboard version and choose the one you want to import.

Examples in Dashboard

In case you have created data graphs before and your screen looks different, just use the Add Data Graph button and in the next step decide if you want to create one yourself, or use one of the available examples.

Examples in Dashboard New Graph