UDG Getting Started

Last updated: 1 minute read.

In this getting started tutorial we will combine 2 different HTTP services (Users and Reviews) into one single unified UDG API. Instead of querying these two services separately (and probably merging their responses later) we’ll use UDG to get result from both the API’s in one single response.


  • Access to Tyk Dashboard
  • Node.JS v.13^ (only to follow this example)

Running example services locally

Clone repo

git clone https://github.com/jay-deshmukh/example-rest-api-for-udg.git

Run it locally

cd example-rest-api-for-udg
npm i
npm run build
npm start

You should see following in your terminal

Users Service Running on http://localhost:4000
Review service running on http://localhost:4001

Now that we have Users service running on port 4000 and Reviews service running on port 4001 let’s see how we can combine these two into one single UDG API in following tutorial.