Connect to a provider (Tyk Self-Managed)

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Tyk Enterprise Developer Portal

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The first step in getting started with the developer portal is to connect the portal to a provider. The current provider supported is Tyk Self Managed, although you can still use multiple instances of Tyk Self Managed. When the connection is established, it will import policies as API Products to the portal. The ‘Getting started guide’ part shows you how to set up a policy and import it to the developer portal.


  • A Tyk Self-Managed installation
  • The Enterprise portal installed
  • A login for the portal admin app

Connect to a provider (Tyk Self-Managed)

  1. Go to the provider section in the portal admin dashboard
  2. Click Add provider
  3. Add your provider details
Field Description
Name This is an internal reference to the provider.
Provider type (disabled) This refers to the type of provider; however, the only supported provider at this stage is Tyk Self-Managed.
URL The URL refers to the provider host URL for your Tyk Self-Managed installation. Within the Tyk instance, the URL can be simply copied.
Gateway URL The gateway URL refers to the URL that the portal developers will send the queries and use the access credentials.
Secret The Secret can be fetched from the Tyk Self-Managed / Tyk analytics dashboard. The procedure is as follows: Go to the Tyk Dashboard. Navigate to Users. Select a user with the permissions you want to bring on to the portal. You can find the secret under API Access Credentials. (Optional) You can find the organization id under Organization ID if your use case requires. Note: The Portal will share the same permissions that the user selected to provide the secret.
Organization ID The org id is required in order to connect to your installation as a provider. It can be found in the user profile within the Tyk Dashboard.
Policy tags This is an optional field that can be used to define which policies from Tyk will be imported to the portal. If a tag is defined here, it needs to also be defined in the Policy section in Tyk (described in the next journey). If this field is left empty in both this provider section and in the policies within Tyk, then all policies will be imported from the Tyk instance. How to include the label in the policy section inside Tyk will be explained in the Publish API Products and plans to the public-facing portal.
  1. Save your changes

How to find the Secret and Org ID inside your Tyk Dashboard

  1. Select Users from the System Management section.
  2. In the users list, click Edit for your user.
  3. The Secret is the Tyk Dashboard API Access Credentials. The Organization ID is underneath Reset key.

    API key location

  4. Select APIs from the System Management section.
  5. From the Actions menu for your API, select Copy API ID