Free Trial

We offer a 2 week trial for the Tyk Dashboard & Developer Portal. Please signup below to receive your temporary license. Installation instructions will be provided during the signup process.

Free trial

If you wish a longer duration trial or want to request a POC please contact the Tyk Team and tell us about your plans:

Contact us

What’s Included?

  • View an example API secured through the Tyk Gateway, configured with rate limiting.
  • Login to Tyk Dashboard to view API analytics and update the configuration of the API (e.g. with further authentication options).
  • Update rate limits for the example API.

Trial Prerequisites

The recommended way for starting your free trial is via Docker. Further instructions for installation docker are available here.


If you have completed your trial or would like a further detailed proof of concept of Tyk’s key components and capabilities, then visit this page to find out more.