Supporting your API ambitions

Tyk support is the best in the business, whichever flavour you use. Let us take the technical issues off your hands, so that you can get back to working on the cool stuff.

Our style

  1. 24/7 availability
  2. Fastest in the business: “Your support is ‘too’ fast” – Modulr
  3. No first-line support: Immediately connect to an expert engineer
24/7 global support

We’re there when you need us

Why is it that, after working perfectly all week, everything falls over just as you’re leaving the office?

We have no idea (sorry), and unfortunately we have no time machine (yet) – but we can be there for you, with 24/7, global support that’s the fastest amongst our peers.

We’ve never missed an SLA, we have an average response time of less than 24 hours for non-SLA support users, and our open source community forum is manned by the same Tyk engineers who tackle the mission-critical services of the world’s biggest banks.

We’ve even been called ‘too fast’ (Modulr). Maybe we have one of those time machines after all 😉

Talk to an engineer

Screw ‘first-line support’, speak to an engineer who knows their stuff

We may be fast, but what use is speed if that first response is meaningless? Or, even worse, you have to explain the problem to 3 people before making headway?

At Tyk, you’ll never waste time ticking ‘first-line’ boxes before you’re connected to an engineer, and one who really knows the product.

Whether you’re struggling to get started, or pushing new mission-critical microservices to prod, our expert engineers are here to support you from the moment the going gets tough. Even our CEO has been known to get stuck into a gnarly ticket.

Send us your code and we’ll dive straight in, freeing up time for you to get back to the important tasks.

Always a way forward

Advice from people who give a crap

We’ve been there ourselves, we understand the problems you’re facing, and we’ll have a good idea of how to tackle it, if not fix it there and then. Need a second opinion? Send us a message and walk us through your thought process.

Hit a blocker you can’t crack? We welcome the obscure, in-depth and even the downright infuriating – it’s a chance for us to flex our coding muscles after all.

And, when we come back to you with a way forward, it will always be our honest and direct assessment.

Whatever kind of Tyk you use and whatever organisation you’re calling from, we’ll give you the advice you want to hear (and sometimes, the advice you were hoping not to).

No bull, just quality engineering support.

Open to all

We started Tyk to serve the whole engineering community. Our goal is to be at the heart of innovation – whether that’s a small scale side projects to multi-million-dollar transformation projects.

So whether you’re using our free open source API Gateway, or running your entire ecommerce operations using Tyk, there’s a level of support that fits your use case.

Whatever level of Tyk you use, support’s available

Free & Open Source Paying SLAs
Documentation X X X
Forum X X X
Email/Portal Support X X
Phone Support X
Fixed Response Times X
Screen Shares with Engineers X

Helpdesk support

All paying Tyk users get access to our expert support team via helpdesk email. These are the very same team who work on the Tyk product.

Got a problem? Log your issue and instantly be connected to an engineer who not only feels your pain, but knows their stuff.

If you already pay for Tyk, you don’t need to do anything – just start logging tickets. If you don’t pay for Tyk, but want access to our support, upgrade your account and let us get cracking.

SLA Support

When you’re implementing mission-critical API management, it’s natural your team might feel bumps on the road, but don’t worry – we’ll be there with you when it’s 3am and you’re tearing your hair out.

Our Range of SLA 24/7/365 phone, email and slack support options are used by some of the largest enterprises, who can sleep easy knowing that the sun never sets on Tyk’s global team.

We’re ranked second to none amongst our competitors, and we’ve never missed an SLA target. Give us a call and test us.

Support for open source users

The open source Gateway is no different to the one used in all our paid products, but helpdesk support isn’t included.

For open source support, post on our active community forum or review past advice. The same engineers who man our helpdesk and enable mega-corp SLAs patrol our forum too, and will be on hand to help you out – if another Tyk community user hasn’t got there first!

And, whatever stage you’re at, you can always benefit from our extensive documentation, tutorial videos, and API Expertise blog.