The Tyk Community

Tyk started as a community project, and we’re committed to always staying one.

From a community of 1, we’ve grown to over 1 million downloads with events in over fifteen countries and users on every continent. Whether you pay for Tyk, use it for free, or are just learning about it, we’d love to have you as part of our crew.

Get involved and


Support others in their API acceleration and contribute directly with the people who build Tyk.

  1. Create integrations
  2. Suggest and discuss new features
  3. Answer questions from the community
  4. Contribute code
  5. Join our research panel or bug bounty programme
  6. Create Tyk explainer videos
  7. Host a Tyk meetup
  8. Edit Tyk Documentation
Get involved and


We release tutorials, ideas and code into the community to help everyone grow. What’s good for you is good for us.

  1. Attend a Tyk workshop
  2. Find advice on how to set up and get Tyk up and running in your environment
  3. Ask your peers about Tyk features and configuration
  4. Discuss bugs and errors that you are encountering
  5. Ask questions about Tyk Cloud
  6. See how others have implemented API management scenarios like yours

Whether it’s code contributions, community blog posts, or entirely new features, our community push us (and each other) forward to make things, better.

We know that we’d be nothing without them, so each year we recognise star contributors through our Tyk Community Awards.

Learn more about our 2020 winners

Tyk on Tour

Last year we had our second community road trip across Canada, Europe, and Asia Pacific. We even went Stateside to the US for our first series.

2020 has caused us to innovate and adapt in plenty of ways, so this year the Tyk Tour has morphed into an ambition to connect more deeply with our community virtually.

We want to reach out to as many of you as possible over the next year and one of the ways we’re doing so is through our Tyk webinars.

Find out more about our webinars.

For open source and developer licence users, the Tyk community forum is your go-to source of Tyk advice from other Tyk users.

Tyk Community Forum