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Our mission is to drive adoption of APIs and connect every system in the world. To do that takes time, engineering, and talent.

Enterprise Open Source gateway for all

The Tyk API Gateway is available under the MPL2 licence and has no restrictions over functionality. That means that running Tyk headless at any scale has zero cost. And the Open Source API Gateway is the same for everyone; whether you are Cisco or a student developer, you get the same full, unrestricted, API Gateway. Changes we’re making today to licences for the Management Dashboard do not affect this.

Free API Management for Everyone

We have always given away the full Tyk API Management platform for free – no trials, and no limited functionality and no BS.

We can do this because a large number of big corporations pay us to use Tyk at scale. The fees they pay drive the development of our open source gateway and API Management platform, and also subsidise access for developers, startups, dreamers, and hackers to get full use of our software.

This has always seemed a fair trade-off to us: the Tyk community benefits from completely free access to Enterprise class API Management, and large Enterprises benefit from the innovation, energy and contributions generated out of our active community and talented in-house team.

And just to be clear: these companies are paying us to build open source software. Our engineering team spends most of their time developing our open-source products, and you’ll regularly see them pop-up in our community forum and our github issue tracker to offer fast, free support to everyone, all while adding value to gear that we give away for free.

Over the past couple of years, tens of thousands of people have been introduced to Tyk in this way, but recently we’ve seen things become a little unbalanced.

We’ve been surprised to see that some of the worlds largest technology firms, retailers and banks are using Tyk in production, delivering real value and capability to their business, but are not contributing back to the community by purchasing a licence (well, the banks weren’t a surprise!)

Now with a model like ours that should hardly come as a surprise, in fact – it’s kind of expected in open source, and we did to an extent, but maybe not at the scale we’re now seeing. So we’d like to remedy that situation…

Tyk Developer Licence

We are still committed to offering the full Tyk product for free, so we’re closing a loop-hole and launching Tyk Developer licences. Tyk Developer licences mean that Tyk licensed products remain free for everyone, up until the point they are used commercially. The licences have the same full access to the Tyk API Management platform as our paid Tyk Pro licences, but they are free only so long as they are only used for non-commercial purposes.

A new Tyk Pro Licence

We’ve also realised that many of our users want access to technical support and a commercial EULA, but don’t require the scale (or bills) that come from one of our larger licences. In response, we’ve introduced a new, single gateway commercial licence putting the full capability of Tyk, backed by the best support in the business, firmly within reach of more of our users.

Existing Licence Holders

Current licence holders are unaffected for the duration of their licences, and at renewal time you can simply declare that you are not using Tyk for commercial purposes and get a new Tyk Dev licence, absolutely free.


A huge thanks to all the users, github contributors, tinkerers and megacorps who continue to support us in achieving our goal. We will work harder than ever to help you achieve yours.


Team Tyk

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