Tyk Components

The Tyk Open Source API Gateway

The primary application for Community Edition users and Pro users alike, the Tyk Open Source API Gateway does all the heavy lifting: Traffic proxying, access control, data transformation, logging and more.

View the main documentation for the Tyk API Gateway here, everything you need to get up and running in your preferred environment.

Tyk Dashboard & Portal

The Dashboard is the visual GUI and analytics platform for Tyk, it provides an easy-to-use management interface for managing a Tyk installation as well as clear and granular analytics.

The dashboard component also provides the API Developer Portal – a customisable developer portal for your API documentation, developer auto-enrolment and usage tracking.

Users of the Professional Edition will find all they need here to get the dashboard installed, configured and optimised here.

Tyk Pump

Tyk Pump is a microservice supplied with the Tyk Platform to move analytics data from your front-end gateways to a data sink of your choice.

It’s primary use is to ensure that analytics data reaches the Dashboard, however it also has plugins for CSV export and ElasticSearch.

Both Tyk Community Edition and Tyk Pro users will find all they need to know about how to move Analytics data around here

Tyk Identity Broker

The Identity Broker is a micros-service portal that provides a bridge between various Identity Management Systems such as LDAP, Social OAuth (e.g. GPlus, Twitter, Github), legacy Basic Authentication providers, to your tyk installation.

TIB can bridge to the Tyk API Gateway, Tyk Portal or even Tyk Dashboard, and makes it easy to integrate custom IDMs to your system in a pluggable way.

The project is open source and we encourage forking to ensure that your custom requirements can be met.

Tyk Multi Datacenter Bridge

For Enterprise SLA holders, we provide the Tyk Multi Datacenter Bridge, the same component that powers Tyk Cloud Hybrid.

The MDC Bridge allows for centralised management of multiple independent Tyk Clusters and the seamless transition of APIs between environments, availability zones and sharded nodes.

Tyk MDC is battle-hardened with our Tyk Cloud infrastructure and is in production with a variety of large and small companies worldwide.

Our documentation is supplemented by the posts and FAQs in the Tyk Community, supported by Tyk Technologies, the community offers rapid response to queries and discussion around the use of Tyk.

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