Removing barriers to API adoption, for everyone

Tyk has been committed to increasing API adoption from day 1 of our existence. Changes that we announce today will help us to achieve that.

From today, it’s now more affordable than ever to install Tyk API Management and access our technical support teams. For those potential and existing customers who require POCs or require a more consultative approach, we’ll also offer access to our team of consulting engineers, to deliver help and advice that gets your API programme moving.  

We can’t wait to tell you all about these improvements. But first, a little backstory….

Removing barriers to API adoption, for all

The Tyk Open Source project started when our dev-founder, Martin, wanted to implement a microservices pattern and public facing API for his startup. At the time, there was only one Open Source option available, and it wasn’t designed for microservices, containerisation, or a lean deployment.  

As an alternative, Martin was faced with meetings with cologne heavy sales-men, wearing big watches and sharp suits, targeting the Fortune 100 and quoting entry prices starting from six figures. It all seemed a bit OTT…

“This shouldn’t be so damned expensive or complex. Screw you guys, I’m building my own API management platform, but this time with blackjack and whisky.”

And so, in 2014 Tyk was born, with a mission to remove barriers to API Adoption. Our lightweight, performant and Open Source API Gateway and Licensed dashboard were quickly installed by 10,000s of businesses who faced similar quandaries.   

How have we done it?

We’ve made it easier – with a simple GUI, simple deployment options, and a range of plugins, we’ve seen broad and rapid adoption:  tens of thousands of organisations now have Tyk installed in some shape or form.

Those organisations include giants in highly-regulated industries like Cisco and Capital One, but they also include companies who might previously have been excluded by the complexity of the products available. With Tyk, it’s quick and easy to get our entire API Management platform installed on premises, or sign-up for a cloud account.

We’ve made it more affordable – When we started, API Management was popular with big banks and had price tags to match. We know that there is demand for APIs at organisations of all sizes, and with all types of systems and infrastructure, so we’ve focused on offering the full stack to teams of all shapes. Our mission is to encourage API adoption across the board, so we also include a freemium version of our product that is available to all.

We’ve made it more accessible. Tyk believes in transparency and open access; we have public, wholly visible pricing, and you can take and use the software instantly – no big-watch salesmen necessary!

Whole teams are able to get their hands on free Tyk licences to inspect it, use it, test it, deploy it before even speaking with us. No demo presentations “on rails” at Tyk!

Simple, affordable, more accessible: a mainstay of ours since we started, and we’re confident that we are moving in the same, and right, direction as we grow.

Not only are we seeing happy users and ambitious use cases, we’re making API Management more widespread, by encouraging more organisations to offer secure, readily-available APIs.

Taking things up a gear.

But – there is always room for improvement:

Everyone can now purchase technical support, whatever level of Tyk you use

Tyk as a full product has always been free in some form. This will continue to be the case. However, access to our expert technical support has only been available with our larger licences.

We understand that this restriction has been frustrating to some users with small deployments, who need that extra helping hand to get their API programme up-and-running and into production. It’s been frustrating to us too, given it sits at odds with our own mission to encourage upskilling in APIs and increasing API adoption.

To address this, we’ve responded to Tyk community feedback and we now offer a paid, single gateway licence, including support, for only £2,000 per annum. This add-on allows full access to our responsive and reliable Tyk helpdesk, subscription to patch notifications, and a EULA that supports its use in production. 

Get Tyk On-Premises with a credit card, for £200 per month

Our larger Enterprise customers tend to be most concerned with total cost of ownership, but for many of our users, cashflow is what’s important.

We’ve again listened to our community and, from today, you can now purchase a full annual licence via credit card on on a monthly payment basis. That’s the full stack, deployed on-prem, with unlimited users, APIs, analytics, portal, etc, for just £200 per month. Get started with Tyk On-Premises

Helping you get it right from the start

API Management and Microservices offer great potential, but they’re difficult. Our team of consulting engineers, covering all timezones, have already tackled the issues that you face.

As the old adage goes, many hands make light work, so we’re making their expertise available to potential clients as well as the current users they already support. If getting assistance on mapping out your architecture, or developing a simple POC to demonstrate your use case would be useful, contact us using our form and we’ll connect you with someone who can help within 24 hours.

Simple, affordable, more accessible. It’s really never been easier to start building your POC using Tyk, nor more affordable to get your API Programme up-and-running. Get started with Tyk now, or contact us for a Q&A, in-depth demo, or help with your POC.