Our inclusion commitment

July 2020

We are a diverse, global workforce and are committed to celebrating individuality and talent at Tyk. We want to build an inclusive working environment for everyone to thrive across the business and to do this, Tyk will become more diligent across all of the work we do and use data to drive more mindful decisions that will help to create positive impact and change.

We will use this page to map out our demographics and the diversity of our team and use this to openly track those changes over time.

By measuring and sharing this information, our current teams, future Tyklings and our Clients will have a better understanding of who we are, and ensure we have the data needed to deliver real and lasting change on our policies, systems and ways of working to improve the way we build, develop and lead our teams.

The data that drives us

Where we work

Our employees reside in 26 countries and our remote working set up allows us to recruit for key talent globally, whilst our people work wherever and whenever is best for them.

Our offices (or hubs): London, Singapore & Atlanta.

Our gender split

We have 74% (56) male and 26% (19) females in the business.


July 2020

Our leadership split

We have 21 managers and leaders at Tyk, with 31% (17) of the male population working as managers and 21% (4) of the female population as managers.

July 2020

July 2020


Our nationalities

We work in over 26 countries around the world with our people working from their hometowns, being nomads or living away from home, with some clustering around our three sales offices. It is important to note our data here is nationality and not ethnicity or race due to the information we have at this time, we will be adding to this data as we gather it over the coming months.

Age demographic

July 2020

Employee turnover

July 2020

Gender split

July 2020

Who wants to work with us?

Tyk aims to be an equal opportunities employer and we are determined to ensure that no applicant or employee receives less favourable treatment on the grounds of gender, age, disability, religion, belief, sexual orientation, marital status, or race.


Disability diversity

We are a disability confident committed certified employer through the Disability Confident Campaign and want to promote a higher level of understanding and flexibility when working with talented individuals with disabilities.

Sexuality in applicants

July 2020

Diversity in applicants

July 2020

The stories that make us

Diverse experiences help shape the work we do

The one thing that is incredibly rare and which you can definitely see at Tyk is the freedom to be an agent of change

– Viola Marku, UX Researcher

My faith is the most important thing for me – I’m Muslim – and I believe that work shouldn’t interfere with your beliefs. Tyk is very supportive on this topic

– Furkan Şenharputlu, Software Engineer

Our focus areas

We will continue to focus on creating an inclusive environment for our employees to contribute, collaborate and thrive as their true authentic selves at work. Success is when all of our people feel their diversity is celebrated and feel included at work. Below are the first initiatives we are launching to start this programme of change at Tyk.


  1. Bi-annual all employee Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging (EDIB) training, with additional sessions for hiring managers.
  2. Monthly Board review of the diversity data from internal teams and external applications, including any initiatives and activity updates.
  3. Founder 1:1’s with colleagues for conversations around diversity, inclusion and equity.
  4. Launching an Inclusion Network from which will discuss our data and create actions from our people to help us drive initiatives.
  5. Ongoing leadership training programmes for current and aspiring managers ensuring everyone has the opportunity to develop.
  6. Mentoring and Coaching programmes to support everyone in the organisation.


Want to know how we did last month? Have a look at our inclusion commitment over time.

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