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Wherever you’re at with your APIs, our Open Source API Gateway can help.

Open up your services with Tyk API Gateway

Take almost any kind of service (legacy, REST, GraphQL or otherwise) and get it out into the world. Our powerful, lightweight and feature-packed API Gateway does the hard work, so you can get back to creating the cool stuff.

Tyk API Gateway can run independently, requiring only a Redis database to be effective, and can be scaled horizontally and vertically.

The Gateway handles all inbound requests, running them through a set of middleware components which apply transforms and other service-specific operations. The Gateway then proxies the request out again to the origin, intercepting the response, running a set of response middleware and then returning.


Open Source, not Open Core

There is only one version of the Tyk API Gateway and it is 100% Open Source.

It’s the same API Gateway for everyone: used by both Community Edition users and the largest enterprise organisations around the world.

Tyk API Gateway comes batteries-included, with no feature lockout and no black box, so you know exactly what’s happening to your data.

Trust your data with Tyk

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  1. Authentication

    Tyk Open Source API Gateway supports access tokens, HMAC request signing, JSON Web tokens, Mutual TLS, OpenID Connect, basic auth, LDAP, Social OAuth (e.g. GPlus, Twitter, Github) and legacy Basic Authentication providers.

  2. Quotas & Rate Limiting

    Set rate limiting, request throttling, and auto-renewing request quotas, on a per-API basis, or globally, to manage how your users access your API.

  3. Version Control

    Manage the lifecycle of your APIs using Tyk’s powerful API versioning and sunsetting capabilities.

  4. Notifications and Events

    Use our event system to hook into existing infrastructure and get up-to-the-minute notifications when key events happen on your services, APIs, portals or developers.

  5. Mock out APIs

    Use our API controls to mock out versions before release. Import API Blueprints from Apiary or Swagger to make it easier than ever to start with Tyk.

  6. Detailed Monitoring and Analytics

    Tyk Open Source API Gateway records detailed analytics about how your APIs are being used. View hourly data that can be easily segmented, track upstream latency and chart it for each API you are managing. Native connectors for your business intelligence tooling, including Data Dog, splunk, prometheus,, Graphana, to mention a few.

  7. Committed to backwards compatibility

    Seamlessly update and rollback the Tyk stack with no need for complex database migrations – it just works!

  8. GraphQL Out of the Box

    Secure your Graph and apply complex, granular access policies to queries, including rate limiting, quotas, field-level permissions, query-depth guarantees and detailed analytics.

Truly cloud-native: don’t use a monolith to deliver microservices

The Tyk stack can be deployed anywhere, and can be controlled by your CI/CD pipelines, as well as point and click.

Tyk is developed API-first, so that you can integrate, automate, scale, and build resilience in line with microservice patterns and principles. Basically, we practice what we preach.

Blistering performance, even on commodity hardware

Tyk’s API Gateway is possibly the lightest, performant, and most capable open source solution in the industry. Its only dependency is a small Redis Server.

Whether you’re running Tyk on your laptop, a $5 per month Digital Ocean instance, or dedicated computer, you’ll be getting 10,000’s of requests per second with minimal introduced latency.

Ground-up API Gateway: no compromises and no legacy tech

We still build our software for developers and engineers *first*, and spend most of our time and effort developing our open source code base.

That means there is no legacy proxy underneath Tyk, it’s just Tyk all the way down, from top to bottom. You get complete power and control over requests and responses.

You can write your own custom, pluggable middleware and transform requests at every level – it’s simple to integrate or extend Tyk with a wide range of options.

And, if you run into trouble…

Access simple to use documentation and passionate open source community support via our Community Forum and Documentation.

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