The Tyk API Management Platform is split up into multiple components that work together in various ways in order to provide a cohesive, enterprise-ready, highly scalable solution. Depending on how you are using Tyk, only certain documentation sections may be relevant. We’ve broken out the most relevant docs for the different flavours of Tyk on-premises installations here.

Tyk Community Users

Tyk Community Edition mainly utilises the Open Source Tyk API Gateway distributions on Github and via our trusted repositories. Documentation that is most relevant to users of Tyk Community Edition is:

Tyk Pro Users

If you are a Tyk Pro user, then the main components in use will be the main components of the Tyk Community Edition, plus the Dashboard and Dashboard API:

Satellite Modules

The Tyk API Management Platform also has a few satellite components that help with integration with other databases, identity management providers and process management:

Looking for Tyk Cloud Docs?

Please see the Tyk Dashboard documentation for instructions on how to use Tyk Cloud while we are undergoing some documentation refurbishment on the platform (they’re the same platform).

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