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Set these options to hard-code values into the way the HTTP server behaves. this is highly experimental and should only b used for extreme tuning purposes it is not recommended to be used unless absolutely necessary.

"http_server_options": {
    "override_defaults": false,
    "use_ssl": false,
    "enable_websockets": false,
    "flush_interval": 1,
    "certificates": [
            "domain_name": "ssl.domain.com",
            "cert_file": "./certs/ssl.domain.com.cert",
            "key_file": "./certs/ssl.domain.com.cert.key"
            "domain_name": "cname.domain.com",
            "cert_file": "./certs/cert2/cname.domain.com.cert.cert",
            "key_file": "./certs/cert2/cname.domain.com.key"
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