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Tutorial: Create an API Token (CE)

To create an API Token, we will need the API ID that we wish to grant the token access tok, then creating the token is a very simple API call to the endpoint.


  • You will need your API Secret, this is the secret property of the tyk.conf file:

Once you have this value, you can use them to access the Gateway API, the below curl command will generate a token for one of your APIs, remember to replace {API-ID} and {API-NAME} with the real values.

curl -X POST -H "x-tyk-authorization: {API-KEY}"
 -H "Content-Type: application/json"
 -d '{
    "allowance": 1000,
    "rate": 1000,
    "per": 1,
    "expires": -1,
    "quota_max": -1,
    "org_id": "1"
    "quota_renews": 1449051461,
    "quota_remaining": -1,
    "quota_renewal_rate": 60,
    "access_rights": {
        "{API-ID}": {
            "api_id": "{API-ID}",
            "api_name": "{API-NAME}",
            "versions": ["Default"]
    "meta_data": {}
 http://{your-tyk-gateway-host}:{port}/tyk/keys/create | python -mjson.tool

You will see a response with your new Token:

    "action": "create",
    "key": "c2cb92a78f944e9a46de793fe28e847e",
    "status": "ok"

The value returned in the key parameter of the response is the access token you can now use to access the API that was specified in the access_rights section of the call

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